Our differentiator in Mexico

Create a good will network towards the organization, person or brand, always through third parties intervention:

• Key opinion leaders • Internal personnel • Guild associations

Our Vision

To be perceived among key opinion leaders, the ones we advised and our business partners, as accurate proveyors of trustable and interesting information for their respective audiences.

Our Mission

To achieve with evidence the reputation goals for the ones we advised and create a Good Will Network towards them.

Our Contribution

To contribute with communication, social media and difussion strategies, to improve the social links

CyPress PR Center activities

1. Regional thinking and local sensibility towards the audiences.

2. Comprehensive communication strategies design and administration

3Journalistic and ceremonial composition

4Understanding and transmission of the client’s organizational culture

5Access to key journalists from entertainment, technology, sports, lifestyle and urban culture sources.

6Contact with key influencers and celebrities

7Design of possible scenarios facing contingency situations (communication in crisis).